Gallery of The Goddess Tree Collection

Like birthstones each tree is assigned a birthmonth, each tree has a meaning, a personality which i write up on with each purchase.  Of course you might be drawn to a tree which isn't yours, that goes without out saying that it probably means you have the traits of that tree in you - below is a collection of designs I have created so far - if you would like a Goddess Tree design made just for you please contact me for details





Brigid Amethyst

Dryad Onyx

Dryad Labradorite

Lady of the Sycamore

Diana with Grey Moonstone

Persephone with Labradorite

Dryads with Amber

Persephone with Moonstone


Dryad Moonstone

Dryad Amber

Diana Rose Quartz

Lady of the Holly

Hedera with Serpentine

Willow necklace

Selena with Opal

Brigantia with Amethyst


Brigid Labradorite

Dryad Moonstone

Holm Garnet

Lady of the Sycamore

Minerva with Calcite

Brigantia with Onyx

Hela with Serpentine

Brigid with Garnet

Warm Dryads

Ceridwen Ruby

Brigid Green Adventurine

Lady of the Hawthorn

Assymetrical Dryads with Labradorite


Ceridwen with Flourite

Olwen with Rose Quartz

Owler with Peach Moonstone