Gallery of 2018 DESIGNS



Jo Tubb
Jewellery designer/maker

Behind the weatherbeaten bohemian jewellery is the Cornish Metalsmith Jo Tubb, her love of colour is inspired by the beautiful scenery that is Cornwall, rugged coastlines and wild moors.   The  traditional Folklore and historical tales are also heavily (although subtley) influenced in Jo's work ~ King Arthur, Mermaids, Giants, Merry Maidens, witchcraft and piskies.  Mainly Self Taught Jo's work is mainly bespoke and One of a kind with a few limited editions.


Please do not hesitate to contact Jo if you are interested in having a piece designed just for you, below Is the work of 2017 these pieces have already sold ~ Feel free to look for inspiration on your own custom piece. here and on the custom design page and Here



Argante ring

Wish Ring

Connection rings

Oh My Rustic Heart

Darkness of my Soul


View From the Top

Dance Along the shore

My Gypsy Soul


My Gypsy Soul

All of me

A Sunset voyage

Across Oceans and Mountains

Bestow ring

Midnight waves


Story Teller ~ Moonchild

From the Light ~ Leaping Hare

Softly Drifitng series

Celtic Dreams (Front)

Echoes Charm Bracelet

Bestow with Flourite

Echoes Necklace

Orbitol Bracelet

Space between

A ShieldMaiden


Casting Magic

Back of Midnight waves

Cosmos Stars

With Brave Wings

Howl Earrings

Goddess of the Moon

Celtic Dreams (back)

Sea Witch collection

Dowr Ring

free Spirit

Summer Vibes

Beach comber

A shieldmaiden



Waves earrings

Leaping Hare

Bestow with opal

Keeper of Bees

Mother Earth Talisman

Tidal Moon (From the light series)

Drifting Softly


In Harmony Saddle ring

Sunsets over Dunes



A Nights Storm Raging