When the sun kisses goodbye to the Moon

sterling silver | necklace

Sorry for the long title - trying to find a name that tells the story of this design was hard. But that moment when the sun is going down and the twilight colours hit the sky, the moon shows his face in the sky. Its a special moment each day.

This beautiful Moonstone is surrounded by the flames of a sunsetting sun (Or is it the sunrise??) The back is decorated with a beautiful moon especially for the wearer, and a tiny star dangles from the chain.

•◘ Measurements ◘•
♦ Chain length ~ 18" (as always I am happy to change the chain length)
♦ Pendant drop ~ 38mm approx

♦ Sterling silver
♦ Moonstone
♦ ♥

*All measurements are approx
♥ Please check sizes before ordering as I use macro to photograph which gives you as much detail as possible ~ this does mean that pieces look bigger than they really are ☻

♦Each piece of gemheaven Jewellery will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in an cotton bag or a box depending on item.
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