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Sterling silver Maple Leaf earrings

Maple - (Apr 11-20 / Oct 14-23) - Tree of personality, energy, and imagination.
A tree sign such as this one beholds sheer charisma to go further than most, especially when such journeys encompass creative thought. They never cease to amaze and go beyond. They never stop.

Gorgeous bohemian sterling silver Maple leaves Leaves with fabulous Ethipian Opal earrings with the perfect swing. Silver handcut Leaves embossed and swinging from these beautiful opals .

Oxidised and polished to bring out the texture and pattern.

♦Earring drop ~ 55mm

*All measurements are approx

✸ Materials
♦ Sterling silver
♦ Ethiopian Opal

♥ Please check sizes before ordering as I use macro to photograph which gives you as much detail as possible ~ this does mean that pieces look bigger than they really are ☻
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