Ode to the Sunrise earrings


Ode to the Sunrise earrings

sterling silver | Amber
That moment when the sun starts rising and suddenly the land is dowsed in light and warmth and the birds start their morning chorus, peaceful yet the start of a brand new day ~ thats my favourite time of the day.

Beautiful sterling silver embossed discs, with the rays spreading out from little amber cabochons. The discs were hand cut before little compass points of 14ct gold were added, swinging from sterling silver earwires.

Oxidised and handpolished to bring out the highlights and lowlights of the pattern. Bohemian and earthy earrings

♦Earring drop ~ 44mm
♦ Earring diameter ~ 25mm
♦ Cabochon size ~6mm

*All measurements are approx

✸ Material
♦ Sterling silver
♦ Garnet
♦ ♥

♦ These are classed as Limited Edition ~ although each pair I have made are slightly different, as each and every sunrise/sunset is ♥
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