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Lady of The Woods Earrings #2

Sterling Silver | Earrings

For many centuries trees played a very important spiritual/mystical role in man's lifestyle. The birch represented new awakening, the return of spring and fertility. In the past the Earth was realised to be a living entity - the Mother of mankind - and the moon also represented an aspect of this Mother. The three phases of the moon - waxing, full and waning - were seen as the Maiden, Mother and Old Hag stages of the cycle of nature - death and rebirth. The birch tree, being symbolic of fertility and new birth, was therefore closely associated with the waxing/Maiden phase of the moon.

A beautiful pair freeform lon oval rose cut emerald are set in sterling silver with embellishments of beaded wire tiny cast birch leaves . The back has a leaves on the back for that little hidden detail.

These are hung from sterling silver earwires

•◘ Measurements ◘•
♦ Earring Drop ~ 45mm

♦ Sterling silver
♦ Emerald
♦ ♥

*All measurements are approx
♥ Please check sizes before ordering as I use macro to photograph which gives you as much detail as possible ~ this does mean that pieces look bigger than they really are ☻
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