A Tattered Heart


A Tattered Heart

Medium | sterling | Bangle
"A poor — torn heart — a tattered heart
That sat it down to rest
Nor noticed that the Ebbing Day
Flowed silver to the West
Nor noticed Night did soft descend
Nor Constellation burn
Intent upon the vision
Of latitudes unknown"
Emily Dickinson

Chunky sterling silver charm bangle with a reticulated heart charm

A plain chunky bangle in 3.5mm silver wire, with a beautiful chunky handcut heart charm which has a reticulated surface.

♦This piece is hallmarked in accordance to the British Assay Office ~ featuring my makers mark.


◘• Bracelet inside diameter is 6.6cm and would fit a medium sized hand and wrist.

~ the simple way to work out your bangle size is to measure the length between the first three knuckles on the hand the bangle is to be worn on ~ please contact me if unsure.

✸ Materials Used
♦ Sterling silver
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